Rollin Ranchers Car Club

Terry Hitch

It’s WOW: The 1980s General Motors turbo car collection of Paul Wawak and his son Austin is one to behold. Austin’s 1987 Buick GNX with 257 original miles is the star, one of 547 manufactured. Father and son also each own a 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am. Only 1555 were built. Austin also has two low mileage 1987 Buick Grand Nationals, a 1986 Grand National and a GMC Syclone Truck. Last but not least, Paul owns the first year Buick Grand National, a 1982 turbo powered car, one of 25 turbo cars built. If the collection housed in two locations continues to grow, four post lift stands will be added to the outbuilding. A tough problem to have. These guys are truly rare GM car guys! They are proud members of the Rollin’ Ranchers Car Club.

The photo shoot was compliments of the RR Photography Club’s Richard Renski. Dick Remski is a Robson Ranch resident and a member of the RR Photography Club. Dick’s photographic experience as a dedicated amateur includes many years of capturing images of competitive swimmers and divers, and many more years of travel photography. Recent travels include Russia, Panama Canal, South America/Antarctic Peninsula, Maritimes in Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and northern Europe. In the Robson Ranch Photo Club, Dick enjoys teaching introductory digital photography and leading discussion groups on many different in-depth topics in digital photography and post-processing. Recent projects include Reflections, Lighthouses, and A Study in Black and White. He has also taught some business and technical writing seminars at North Central Texas College and digital photography for the OLLI program at UNT.