Tech Club Session—Music Streaming

Pictured is the live demo by Paul Marriott at the Tech Club meeting. Photo by Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson, Robson Ranch Tech Club Officer

The Tech Club meets the second Monday night of each month from 7 to 8 p.m. in Room 104 at the Creative Arts Technology Center. We have no dues, and attendance is open to anyone who is interested in anything that is high tech, regardless of whether they own it or understand it, but have a desire to learn more about it.

Our Feb. 14 meeting was hosted by Paul Marriott (club officer). Paul’s meeting topic was “Music Streaming.” Paul offered an in-depth presentation on all aspects on how to stream music, including “What Is Streaming?” “Digital Audio Basic,” “Audio Quality and Compression,” “Popular Streaming Services,” “Organizing Music,” “Streaming,” “Digital-Analog Conversion (DAC),” “Output Devices,” and “Live Demo.”

There was much open dialog and interactive discussion during the meeting, including questions regarding the following: “What is the best way to integrate my home music server with an online streaming service?” “Some of my YouTube videos appear to have more quality than indicated in your presentation slide,” “How can a DAC device be incorporated with my home audio system?” “What is the best overall music streaming service?” and  “Can a Raspberry Pi really work for music streaming?”

Our next general meeting session is scheduled for March 14, from our Robson resident “weatherman” Jim Purpura, on “Understanding Weather Using Local and National Weather Stations.”

We hope to see everyone then.