The Rock and Roll Martini Group Rocks the Stewart Brothers!

Dave Parker

The House Band (host) for the April meeting of the Rock and Roll Martini Group was Connie and Greg Metzler. All in attendance were vaccinated against COVID-19. Connie and Greg provided a live patio concert by the Stewart Brothers, yes, the Stewart Brothers! The Stewart Brothers rocked the patio with hit after hit. (Sorry about the loud music neighbors.) Rockers (members) showed off their finest dance moves on the patio dance floor. The Stewart Brothers were inducted into the Rock and Roll Martini Group’s Hall of Fame and earned lifetime membership in the group. Connie and Greg fired up three martinis for the evening. Full contact lemon drop martinis, appletinis, and cherry blossoms were consumed (in moderate quantities) during the evening. Connie and Greg also provided rock and roll sandwiches and the rest of the Rockers and guests filled in with a spread of assorted appetizers. No screen doors were harmed in having this party. Until next month, rock on!