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Tuesday Tasters Wine Club

April winner: Dan and Vicki Shoemaker

Darlene Lamb On April 18 Cyndi Stampf gave a warm welcome to the Tuesday Tasters and invited us into her lovely home for some good wine, food and friendship. It was a Malbec evening, and to accompany the wine we enjoyed several tasty appetizers. Once again we had two wines place for a tie, and…

Cheers to spring

Left to right: Eileen Whittaker, Mike Aramanda, Jim Fox, Cherie Snowden, Luis Montano, Millie Aramanda and Pete Toppan

As the days get longer and lighter, the search begins for wines that are also long on the taste and lighter on the palate. CT Robertson and Brenda McKenzie hosted the Wine Stewards to a Spring-Fling Wine Tasting to experience the wines that ease the transition into summer after the heaviness of winter. New Zealand,…

Carnival Around the World

Left to right, back row: Kathy Perry, Linda Sorg, Vivian Wright, Millie Aramanda, Cherie Snowden, Charlene Cottingham and Rupa Mathur; middle row: Beverlee Deardorff, Eileen Whittaker and Bernadette Fideli; front row: Vickie Bone and Nancy Toppan

Bernadette Fideli Carnival, also known as Carnaval, Carnevale, Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day, Fastnacht, Fastelavn and Maslenitsa but better known as Mardi Gras, is celebrated many different ways around the globe. Cities famous for Mardi Gras celebrations include Rio de Janeiro; Venice, Italy; Georgetown, Cayman Islands; Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago; Quebec City,…

Slainte to all! Good health to all!

Wine Knots in the “green”

Randy Johnston The Wine Knots group got together at the Baker’s residence on Friday, March 17, for a great St Patrick’s Day celebration. The Irish wines, well not really Irish, but wines with Irish heritage were the highlight of the night. Three wines were presented and found to be very different. The first sample was…

Tuesday Tasters

March winner, Cyndi Stampf

Darlene Lamb On March 21 the Tuesday Tasters gathered at the beautiful home of Bob and Ann Jones and their adorable four-legged friends! A warm welcome was given to our newest members, Juris and Linda Klovans. The featured wines of the evening were from Spain. To accompany the wine we enjoyed bacon-wrapped shrimp, stuffed jalapeños…

Wine Knots? Oui!

The Newcomers serving up a little bit of French and a whole lot of fun

Randy Johnston Monsieur et madame Newcomer welcomed the Wine Knots group on Friday, February 17, with a French flare. Chuck and Joan gave us detailed background information on the two wines they chose for the tasting. The first wine was a white “Loire Valley-Sauvion Vouvray 2015.” The nose featured floral and ripe fruit notes veering…

Vino, Hops and Lemonade

Presenter Cecil Carter; photo by Janie Cindric

Jean Dubiel Not everyone drinks wine. Some like beer and some like iced tea or lemonade. So our new group has a drink of their choice. Of course there are always goodies to eat at every meeting provided by the Snack Queens. We meet once a month at one of the member’s home.

Wine Jeopardy Challenge

David and Susan Parker

Every wine club member in good standing knows the five basic guides to wine tasting: appearance, aroma, body, taste and finish. This is a standard ritual among the numerous wine clubs at Robson, and most participants can hold lengthy discussions on each of these five characteristics. Yet how many residents can correctly answer these questions:…

Tuesday Tasters

February winners, Susan and Mike Miloser

Darlene Lamb Tuesday, February 20, brought good friends together at the home of Rick and Darlene Lamb. Wines from the Pacific Northwest region were the featured wines of the evening. Several good wines were tasted along with some tasty appetizers. The wine tasting results were as follows. Third place winner was a 2014 Cali’s Cuvée…