BBQ Pit-Masters – Smokers and Grillers

Dave Parker

The second meeting of the Robson Ranch BBQ Pit-Masters – Smokers and Grillers was held at the home of Paul Dorwaldt, president of the group. The group has a passion for Texas BBQ. Secret recipes and smoking and grilling methods are shared. The first meeting of the group featured Jalapeño Jerk Baby-back Ribs with Pineapple Barbecue sauce. Paul went above and beyond with Smoked Wagyu Tri-tip, Jack’d up Smoked Meatloaf with Chorizo, and Jack’d up Smoked Meatloaf with Sausage. Certainly a trifecta of smoked perfection! The tri-tip was rubbed with Bill’s seasoning from San Saba, Texas, and smoked for two and a half hours and topped off on the grill. Jack’d up Smoked Meatloaf gets its name from the insane amount of jack going on inside! This meatloaf is insanely moist because of the Jack Daniels in the meat, ridiculously addictive because of the pepper jack cheese oozing from the middle, and unbelievably bold because of the Jack Daniels sauce smothered on top. Add the subtle hints of wood smoke to the mixture, and we had an over-the-top meatloaf. Homemade sides are a requirement of the group, and other members brought smoked mac and cheese, scalloped potatoes, collard greens, and an apple crisp with caramel topping and Texas Blue Bell ice cream. Certainly a Texas 5-star BBQ! BBQ you can’t find or buy anywhere!