Designing at Carol’s: Flutter By

Abby McIntyre

Happy April, friend! Spring has sprung and the happy little flowers are sweetly blooming around us. As the Texas wildflowers burst into life around us, they welcome a menagerie of fluttering friends into our world. Here at Carol’s, we are drawing inspiration for our design article this month from these flitting creatures and spritely sprouts. Since the early twenty-teens farmhouse chic has been a dominant trend in the design world. Shiplap paired with a neutral quickly stole the country’s heart but with time marching on, it’s time to revamp our homes a bit. So, sit a spell with me, friend, as we explore everything from rustic ceramics to green cabinets and as we kick off a new decade of megatrends.

Organic shapes and colors are continuing to find a place in the home this spring. Earthy tones and natural imperfections in our products will continue to trend this year as the design world starts to move away from clean lines and sharp simplicity. Instead, the concept of simplicity finds more organic ways to find its way into the home. For instance, muted green cabinets have become a kitchen trend that appears to be here to stay. Inspired by the new growth of spring, this rich color exudes peace and serenity as it pairs wonderfully with warm neutrals to cozy up your space. If you decide to give it a go, try bringing warm neutrals into your backsplash by introducing rustic ceramics into your area. A rough-cut ceramic backsplash offers color variation and texture that will give your kitchen extra character!

If you really want to be bold, keep your cabinets neutral and go for a pop of color or intricate design in the backsplash. Think of the bright florals of spring and pick your favorite color to make a statement. Even something as small as a single colorful tile in the pattern can brighten your kitchen. Carrying this color throughout your décor will help tie your room together. Think of bringing it into your space through your dish towels, dinnerware, and even cookware! Add fresh cut flowers to a ceramic vase and voila! Your home has instantly been transformed into a spring sanctuary. To really top off the look, try woven wood shades in your windows. Offered in various colors and textures, these shades will help keep you cool while bringing in organic materials, interesting textures, and warm neutrals to complete your look.

So, friend, let’s prepare for spring together. Here at Carol’s we would love to help you transition your home to match the next decade of megatrends. Flutter on by the shop and let us guide you through color coordination and the wonderful world of woven wood shades this spring. Give Carol’s a call at 940-565-8337 to schedule your appointment today. We’d love to see you at our showroom.

Happy designing!