Kiwanis Club

KCRR members (right to left): Marv Daniel, Lyda Posvar, Roy Meyers, Gene Heathcoat, Ellen Cheshire, Chris Hagen, Rodney Dent, Ed Ahrens and cameraman William Wright

Kiwanis Service Day at New Hope Equine Therapy Center

William Wright, Kathy Perry

Kiwanis Club Robson Ranch (KCRR) wants to thank the members who gave up part of their Sunday to participate. We had a beautiful day and a good time doing various chores, which were very much appreciated by the folks at New Hope. Dave and Sharla Kershen, the owners, were working right along with us, and both told me how much they appreciated our work. This is an annual event for KCRR. We help the center in many different ways. This year, we planted flowers at the entry, spread rye grass in the paddocks, fixed the horse-washing station, cleaned the classroom and bathroom, cleared brush and limbs from the riding trails, and repaired items on the sensory boards.

Susan Galbraith (past president) and Roy Meyer (new president)

October Meeting Notes—We Want to Keep You Informed

Kathy Perry

Meeting Oct. 1, 2021. Meeting called to order 9 a.m.; 37 members and three guests in attendance

Greg Laffey inducted our newest member, Randy Blackburn. We will be inducting several new members over the next few weeks.

Bill Wright introduced our guest speaker Lora Atkinson, executive director of Habitat for Humanity. Habitat has been in Denton County for 20 years. The organization has locations in 50 states and 70 countries. The new project in Denton is called the Habitat Village in Southeast Denton between Duncan Street and Hill Street. There will be 25 new homes built in two phases; 16 in the first, 19 in the remaining. The design of the homes will have a vintage look to fit in with the other neighborhoods in the area. The Denton City Council voted to approve the planned development. Habitat is fundraising for the infrastructure cost of $2.1 million. The typical cost of a home is around $125,000. Buyers also help build their own homes, volunteering 350 to 400 “sweat equity” hours. Occupants for the homes will be chosen through Habitat’s normal application process, which opens about four times annually. A committee of community volunteers selects future occupants from among the pool of applicants. Many people choose to volunteer. By volunteering or donating, you are helping hardworking, low- to moderate-income families, not with a hand-out, but with a hand-up.

Meeting Oct. 15, 2021. Meeting called to order 9 a.m.; 40 members and two guests in attendance

Lt. Governor Kameron Klement, TX/OK Kiwanis, held our induction of officers meeting. We inducted and pinned: Susan Galbraith, past president; Roy Meyer, president; Gene Heathcoat, vice president; Chris Laffey, secretary. We also inducted some new members to our board: Barbara Leuring, Kathy Perry, and Dave Riddle. Returning board members: Jerry Waynant and Greg Laffey.

The Lt. Governor congratulated our club on our growth and how much our club had done to help our community through our many fundraisers and donations.

Inducted new member Charles Wobbeking.


Nov. 5: Marty Visser, Military Experiences

Nov. 11: Kiwanis will present wreaths at SOT Veterans Day Ceremony, Veterans Park.

Nov. 11: Happy 100th Birthday to Denton Kiwanis Club

Nov. 15: Susan Frank, Heart for Home

Feb. 4, 2022: TWU Scholarships; six students will receive $1,000 each.

2022 Bingo: Mark your calendars for Feb 6 and June 12.

Kiwanis Club Donates Wreath to Support Our Troops

On Nov. 11 Kiwanis Club Robson Ranch (KCRR) was honored to make a donation of a commemorative wreath to be used by the Support Our Troops (SOT) all remembrance events. The wreath was hand made by one of Robson’s own craftspersons, Sally Hampton. We are very proud to give this wreath in honor of all those who have served our country in whatever line of duty or armed service they were called to or chose. We Honor the Brave.