Not Everyone Plays the Same Game of Golf Every Day

After playing the same course, the same game (hit the ball and count the number given on that hole), and with the same people, golf could get a little monotonous. But the Robson Ranch Women’s Golf Association (RRWGA) Play Day Committee (PDC) has found ways to vary the game and add a little suspense to the day.

Using ideas from new members who joined the league from other associations, the 2021 RRWGA PDC started to insert various new team games and ways to score single play that added variety to the game. For example, when the women are playing a scramble, they might play Chips and Salsa. Each golfer plays her own ball, and after all finish a hole, they find a bag of “chips/golf chips” on the green. One player pulls a chip from the bag, which tells the team which score to count for the team score. It might be the woman with the pink visor or the one with the yellow ball. You never know until the “chip” tells you. Some teams take the game seriously and do a little salsa dance to celebrate that the best score was selected as they move on to the next hole.

The PDC could also divide the women into twosomes and play a member-member game where the golfers play six holes alternate balls, six scramble, and six best ball. The women on the committee could let the golfers play their own ball but only count certain holes to determine winners, such as only holes that begin with a “T” and an “F” or ones that begin with an “N”, “E”, or “T” or how about with “O”, “N”, “E”, or “S”. Oh, and let’s not forget the Play Challenge game when only the holes with the hardest handicaps count. Now, you shouldn’t feel sorry for the players, because they know prior to the play day what the specifications of the game are. Sometimes that helps, and sometimes it does not. Regardless, the golfers of the RRWGA seem to enjoy the effort the PDC puts into providing a little variety on their play days. This year’s Play Day Committee members are Kathi Ackermann, Beverly Anderson, Staci Brown, Yvonne Callaway, Candy Conway-Mikuilk, Ana Corey, Paula DiFonzo, and Linda Scott.

The RRWGA recently revised its membership to include all women who are residents of Robson Ranch. Membership includes women who have committed their intent to reside at Robson Ranch, Denton, Texas, by entering into a purchase or lease agreement of a term of not less than 12 months for an existing or new home at Robson Ranch. Anyone interested in joining the RRWGA can contact Chris Hagen, membership chair, at [email protected].