Open House in the CATC Wood Shop

Joni Matthiessen

We experienced such a fun afternoon at the CATC Open House a few weekends ago! Frank Hunter and I oversaw greeting the guests coming into the woodshop and handing out raffle tickets for our awesome giveaways. We often had so many people in the shop and at the door trying to come in, that not another person could enter until others left! We had separate tables set up for guests to sign their tickets and another two tables held the prizes. All our board members, including our President Dave Bassham, were there to give tours of our remodeled shop, as well as demonstrate several machines. Larry Ditch is one of our very talented folks and that day he was demonstrating how our CNC machine works. I couldn’t get over there to see what he was making, but judging by the crowd he had around him, our guests were very focused watching him create a project. Bob Zimmerman also did demonstrations on our ring master machine that cuts wood at an angle, allowing us to create the most beautiful bowls. If you missed either demonstration, stop by the shop and see what you’ve missed!

I want to give a big shout out and a huge thank you to our very own woodworker Kathy Dial, who is the president of the CATC, and a member of our woodworker board. She spent hours on end getting the event together to make the day such a special event. Also, a very special thanks to our HOA for supplying trays and trays of cookies and beverages. I don’t have any idea how many people came to the CATC building that day, but it seemed like it was busier than ever—from the moment it started until the closing bell. So, a big thank you to all the RR folks who came out and visited us. It was really a fun time! And the cookies were delicious!