Rockin’ Red Ranchers Enjoyed Two Events in November

Game winner Betty Gardner

Game winner Bert Zeitlin

First was a truffle making class presented by Kay Thibodeaux, a traveling chocolatier. Kay explained where the best cocoa comes from and how it is harvested, fermented, roasted, and ground before finally coming to us in the form of our favorite chocolate treat. We also learned the proper way to taste chocolate: smell it, then take a small nibble, allowing our taste buds to savor the richness of the chocolate (as one would do when tasting wine), then close your eyes and enjoy the full mouth sensation!

Following the history of chocolate, Kay provided all the participants with the basic truffle ganache recipe that she had prepared ahead of time. We were able to feel the texture, roll it into balls, and dip in our favorite toppings. What a perfect demonstration to attend just in time for the upcoming holiday season.

Our second event was a fun-filled afternoon playing the dice game, Left Center Right. What can I tell you about this afternoon other than there were lots of laughs, wine, snacks, and some prizes.