Women’s Club Fundraisers—Astonishing Results

Left to right: Presentation of check for $28,119.61 to Wendy McGee (Executive Director of Our Daily Bread together with Monsignor King Outreach Center) and Dee Moore (Our Daily Bread Case Manager) by leaders of the Women’s Club: Nanci Odom, Sandy Conwell, and Rose Depoe

The Robson Ranch Women’s Club sponsored two fundraising events for its charity, Our Daily Bread, together with the Monsignor King Outreach Center: the Home and Garden Show on Aug. 28 and the Holiday Market on Oct. 23. The fees from the vendors who participated in these events, the local professionals and retailers who sponsored the events with donations, and the money generated by ticket sales for the raffles produced a net profit of $28,119.61. A check for this amount was given to Wendy McGee, Executive Director of Our Daily Bread, at the November luncheon of the Women’s Club.

Ms. McGee spoke at the luncheon about the kinds of activities that Our Daily Bread does to help those individuals who are suffering from food insecurity or who are living without a home. She also talked about the things in our lives that we take for granted—receiving mail, having a place to shower, having access to medical support, and supplying basic hygiene supplies and clothes. Our Daily Bread is a resource for those things and more. All of the efforts from the staff and volunteers at Our Daily Bread are given with respect and dignity to those they serve. Her comments reinforced the importance of this effort by the Robson Women’s Club to support the less fortunate in the Greater Denton community.

With that in mind, the Ways and Means Committee of the Women’s Club, who organized these marvelous events, want to thank the vendors who were part of the events, the sponsors who donated money to help defray costs, and the patrons of these events whose attendance and support make it possible for these events to continue. Most importantly, the committee members want to thank the many volunteers and coordinators who helped organize and provide support for the vendors and the patrons. The Ways and Means Committee wants to thank all of them for the energy, enthusiasm, and skills that they provided for these remarkably successful projects.

These astonishing contributions from the Robson Ranch Women’s Club make a real difference to those who are served by Our Daily Bread.