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Word of the Month: Dendrology

David Zapatka The poll results of the July WOTM column regarding the question, “Is it ‘It’s a few more miles still’ or is it ‘It’s a few more miles yet?’” posed by reader Sally Teusch are in and they are very interesting. There was one vote for ‘still,’ three votes for ‘yet,’ and four votes…

August Yard of the Month

Elaine and Ed Barnett

Theresa L. Peoples, RR Garden Club President The home of Elaine and Ed Barnett located on the corner of Ed Robson Drive and Crestview Drive has been selected as our August Yard of the Month. Be sure to admire as you drive by 9101 Crestview; the color will be sure to catch your eye!

Fall Veggies

County Extension Agent-Horticulture Janet Laminack

Janet Laminack, County Extension Agent-Horticulture As I left town for a few days, I said my goodbyes to all my plants. I knew it was going to be hot and dry and didn’t want to burden my cat sitter with caring for my plants as well. Besides that, typically I have a “I just can’t…

Residents Show Their Support

Robson Ranch residents Sally Baggott, Jan Utzman, Judy Ondina, Peggy Crandell, Sharon Foy, Gayle Coe, Nancy Garre, Margaretha Kortschak, and Ruby Wilson (left to right)

Gayle Coe Our law enforcement officers work day and night, rain or shine, and in the extreme heat of our Texas summers. To acknowledge their hard work and make the heat more bearable, we, a group of 12 Robson Ranch residents, purchased cases of water and Gatorade (in fact five car loads full), along with…

Rockin’ Red Ranchers “Cook with Carol”

Central Market Cooking Instructor Carol Ritchie kicks off the Zoom cooking class. Visible on the side are Linda Terry (taking photo of cooking instructor), Joyce Frey, and Joyce Ambre. Seated are Vicki Baker and Phyllis Ayers.

Linda Terry How do you attend a cooking class during a quarantine? Rockin’ Red Ranchers (RRR) had an idea. Carol Ritchie is a 2001 James Beard Award Nominee for “Best Local Television Cooking Show.” Her show is called “Cookin’ With Carol.” Carol is a recipe developer and volunteer spokesperson for American Heart Association cookbooks. Her…

Designing at Carol’s: Place Makers

Abby McIntyre Autumn is around the corner, friend! Are you prepared? While we may have just barely stepped over the threshold of September, I am counting down the days until there is a crisp chill in the air and coziness surrounds us. The joyful colors of fall will be popping up on trees and seasonal…